About Auchtermuchty

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Auchtermuchty town is situated in the Scottish countryside, with a location in Fife, approximately 30 miles north of the Forth Road Bridge, therefore within easy reach of Glasgow, Perth, and Aberdeen. Its name comes from Gaelic and actually means “upland of the pigs/boar”. Nowadays it’s a quiet place with a modest range of local industry and a festival held each year, in August. You can find whatever you want as there are businesses, pubs, clubs, and theatres available. However, many youngsters travel for work out of the city.

Set on the main road to the golf courses at St. Andrews, the town’s location was used in the ITV series Dr. Finlay, in the 90s and was mentioned in The Family Ness theme song. The Wife of Auchtermuchty is a poem inspired by the location and talks about a farmer who seems to be envious of his wife’s easy life and asks her to switch places, so she would have to work the fields. As the wife agrees, she proves herself capable with a plough, while her husband fails to take care of the housework, thus learning a valuable lesson.



Until 1975 it was a royal burgh, but there is evidence dating back over 2,000 years that people inhabited this area and the Romans are known to have had a camp here. Auchtermuchty was established in 1517 under the charter of King James V, with the major source of work being linen industry.

There was a distillery operating in the town until 1929 when it was closed due to the Prohibition in the U.S.A. There was an important impact of both World Wars on the village, as we can see in the North East, where there is a concrete observation platform overlooking the area that used to be a strategic and defensive spot.


The town has a thriving community with a war memorial and several local recreational footpaths. The old part can be seen around a hill and has twisted streets. Most of the buildings date back to the 17th and 18th century and there is a simple box church on the east side. A modern cemetery dating from around 1910 is concealed by some industrial units at the south-east. However, the buildings have a very beautiful architecture that you will surely admire.

The war memorial has a rather unusual design, portraying a Scottish soldier which does not seem victorious, reflecting thus a loss in the Great War.

Auchtermuchty Festival

A weekend open-air event, it features concerts with traditional music, workshops, and dances. Since it began in 1981, this festival has been suitable for old as well as young people, celebrating the community life with a great ‘Muchty’ welcome and creating a lot of fun moments and memories. There are aspects to enjoy for everyone, be them visitors or residents, lovers of art, music or culture, and campsites are set up. Nevertheless, the town’s internationally-renowned festival has been affected by the lack of industry in the area and the closing of the shops, which lead to its cancellation on several occasions.




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